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PC Keeps Freezing, Help!

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I was wondering if anybody could help me figure out what could be wrong with my PC, its a brand new, self-build so all the parts are new.


Windows Vista 64-bit
Intel Pentium i7 920 2.66Ghz
Motherboard: Gigabyte EX58-UDR3
XFX ATI Radeon HD 4850 XXX Edition 512mb GDDR3
600w PSU

The PC boots fine and sits idle without freezing however when I open a game, namely world of warcraft, it lets me play for a few moments then freezes completely, can still move the mouse pointer about but nothing else. It has also frozen up when I have about half-a-dozen different applications open at once. I've updated all the drivers. I've stress tested the cpu to 100% with no ill effects and done the same with the graphics card and nothing has gone wrong.

Any ideas or solutions would be greatly appreciated.


Note: wasn't entirely sure this was the right place to post this so feel free to move it if need be.
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OCZ ModXStream Pro 600w Silent SLI Ready ATX2 Modular Power Supply
Your power supply only has 18 amps on each 12v rail. 18 amps is the bare minimum for your card. With all of your other components its probably not enough. If i were you i would upgrade your psu.

Heres what i would put in that system if it were mine :
Is that the likely cause of the freezes? Just I don't really want to pay for a new psu to find out that it wasn't the problem.
Yes, if your gpu is underpowered it will cause freezes when you try to use it. I had the same problem awhile back. That psu should solve your problems.
Thanks for the help mate, really appreciate it.

Taking on board what you said mate I did a CPU stress test and a graphics card test at the same time with no problems. Still sure it's the PSU at fault?
What program are you using to test your system?
rthdribl - Real-Time High Dynamic Range Image-Based Lighting - For the GPU

Prime95 for the CPU

I've just had a reply from the place I bought the parts and they say the PSU I have should be more than adequete to handle the hardware I'm using.

Any other ideas what could be wrong?
Couldn;t do the psu test because it's for directx9 and I'm running dx10 I believe. Did the other tests with no errors but the core temperatures hit about 60-65*C, that likely to be an issue?
Yes! That is way to hot!! What heat sink and fan are you using? is it stock? also, what thermal paste are you using? Just to give you an idea, i have a quad core 3.0ghz amd phenom running at 43c with the same test.
The cpu cooler isn't the stock one

I've got some thermal paste on but it could well be I don't have enough. I'll redo it and run the test again, then post the results when I can.
I would really use the artic silver five if i were you.
What about the heatsink, is that ok or should I look for a better one?
It looks ok... you could definitely get a better one.... What ram are you using?

This is what i have in my system, it may or may not fit depending on how big your ram heat sinks are.
Here is the adapter for your socket
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