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PC Keeps crashing

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When I play games on my computer I play for about 30 min and then my computer freezes on this black screen that has a little color (picture below).

I think it could be my computer is overheating or something so I tested it by putting my On Screen Display stats but it does not seem that my CPU or GPU is getting that hot.

The PC stays on until I press the Off/On

I have a GTX 1660ti and i9 11900k

any suggestions would help please I don't know much of anything about computers.
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In a game, lower the game settings. If that works, apply to other games. If not please post all specs.
You seem to have a high end unit. The only concern I'd have is are the parts compatible? Self build?
Check compatibility of parts here: Unavailable
Also update you GPU driver(s) here: Download the latest official NVIDIA drivers
Since Benchmark Heaven showed good results a test of your PSU is in order. If you don't have a spare, a multi meter will work. If you're not comfortable with this, then maybe your dad's friend can perform the tests.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts