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PC Keeps crashing

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When I play games on my computer I play for about 30 min and then my computer freezes on this black screen that has a little color (picture below).

I think it could be my computer is overheating or something so I tested it by putting my On Screen Display stats but it does not seem that my CPU or GPU is getting that hot.

The PC stays on until I press the Off/On

I have a GTX 1660ti and i9 11900k

any suggestions would help please I don't know much of anything about computers.
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In a game, lower the game settings. If that works, apply to other games. If not please post all specs.
When I lower my setting it just delays the crashing. I was running overwatch capped to 60FPS and it still crashed after like 30 min. Same with rocket league. plus this pc has better specs than my last one which could run games fine at low quality.

GTX 1660ti
i9 11900k
two 16gb ram 5000 MHz
i RGB plus 1250W power supply
MSI motherboard (don't know exactly)
You seem to have a high end unit. The only concern I'd have is are the parts compatible? Self build?
Ya its self built by my dads friend who builds computers for fun.

I'm using the PC right now so I don't know if that proves they are compatible or not but its running fine until I open a game. Also runs good in Heaven Benchmark.
Check compatibility of parts here: Unavailable
Also update you GPU driver(s) here: Download the latest official NVIDIA drivers
My parts are compatible and I updated my drivers before I made the original post any other suggestions?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts