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2 days ago, my PC (OS: Linux 21.10), further technical details see amazon page is not able to start anymore and after start it imitately goes into bios. I already tried to reinstall Windows 10 and Linux 21.10 from USB flash drive. The installation breaks with error messages
  • Windows 10 (minimal system requirements problem)
  • Linux (Permission denied while trying to open /dev/sda)

Probably I have some problem with SSD but I can't specify it exactly. So my question, is there some way to repair that SSD/ specific the problem without any os more exactly or have I buy a new one and where exactly can I get such SSD-Cards for laptop, what kind of SSD did I have.

Some photos of technical details see below. In internet I found, sometimes its helpfull to reset BIOS battery, but at my mainboard I was not able to specify the location of this battery exactly.

Thanks and best wishes


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You did not include your laptops Make and Model# so we cannot comment on What Minimum Windows 10 requirements you are missing. But with this type of SSD, the computer wouldn't be old and should easily meet the hardware requirements for Windows 10.
The SSD you have is an M.2 NvME SSD drive. If you can't load any OS on it, then it is most likely the SSD needs to be replaced. Depending on your budget, and what capacity you are looking for, it should be an easy fix.
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