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Pc freezes when accessing the net

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Hey Guys,

My pc comletely freezes when i try to access the internet, i can dial up but when i open a browser or try connect to a game server my pc completely freezes and i cant do anything at all. ctrl + alt + del does not work, the only way to unfreez it is by holding in the power button till it switches of. I have tried other browser and different games but still it freezes when i try access the internet. I have an adsl line, using a mega 105WR Router. The odd thing is that if i use windows black then i can dial up and it does not freeze, but i want to use my original windows that i bought. But it is with this Windows that it freezes, windows xp SP 2. For a while my sister used my disc with windows xp on and her pc did not freeze up when she browsed the web. I was thinking its a hardware problem, but with xp Black it does not freeze.

My pc specs are :
Intel P4 3.4Ghz
2gig ddr400 ram
Nvidia GForce 8500GT

Please help me with this, i have tried everything i can think of but still it freezes on me. Sorry if this post is in the wrong place, first time posting on a forum.
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Download free version of malarebytes and install it. Reboot the PC into Safe mode-turn OFF System Restore and run malwarebytes.
Thanx for the quick reply, i have done what you told me to do. Malwarebytes did not pick up any infected files. I dont see how it can be a virus etc because i recently formated my pc completely and i have only installed the required drivers. So it still freezes on me.
If it's a new install of Windows, my first thought would be hardware issues. I'd run some memory tests and perhaps a disk surface scan to see if there are any obvious hardware issues.

Another possibility is incorrect drivers or the network adapter is failing.
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