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PC failing to boot - urgent help please!

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Hi, PC was working fine at 1800, I shutdown and 1 hour later power back up. The power light comes on but the screen stays in standby mode (ie no signal), the hard disk drive is spinning, but there is not the familiar clicks as it boots windows and there is still no display. I have tried removing all of the cards and cables and genly cleaning/vaccuuming what dust there was, I have tried removing individual memory modules, removing power and IDE cables from everything else but the HDD, removing all components apart from the GFX card, but still nothing happens. There are no warning beeps from the PC, the fans seem to be running smoothly and all the cables are securely connected. The only things I can think of are either the PSU is faulty and not giving enough power for the GFX card or HDD to power up properly, or the HDD has died and that is why the PC won't run. The confusing thing for me is that as I have tried to boot with only the GFX card attached, I thought I would get some visual response - even if only to say that no drivers were present.
I have tried re-seating all cards, memory modules, IDE cables and power leads; anything you think it may be, please let me know! Speccs are below. Thanks

Speccs: Multivision AMD Althlon 2800+XP, 1Gb (2x512Mb) RAM DDR 2700, Hitachi Deskstar HDD (120Gb I think), Gainward GeForce FX5600 Graphics card, Herculers Digifire 7.1 Soundcard, Sharp 17" TFT DV monitor. Also 1x DVD+RW and CDRW, not connected during reboot attempts.
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the specs are not much use when you leave out the power supply details
do you see a screen in safe mode
The power supply is the one fitted as standard by multivision, there have been no changes to the hardware or software in the last 6 months. No screen is seen in ANY mode, I do not get any display at all, no signal to the monitor whatsoever.
multivision what we need is from the label on the side of the psu
amps 12v+=
it sounds like the psu,do you get the single post beep
if you remove the video card or the ram and try to start do you receive the bios error code that it is missing
check the capacitors for any signs of swelling or leaking
check the main power plug to the m/b is seated and the aux. plug connected
try a cmos reset
the PSU is a JEANTECH HPC-300-202, it says on the side of the box:
Peak load 300W
+12V=13A, 156W
+5V=25A, 180W max
+3.3V=20A, 180W max
there are no visual errors, as there is no display whatsoever and the only "warning beeps" I get from the PC speaker is when there is no memory installed - upon which I get a 1second on, 1second off continual beep cycle. The motherboard is an MSI K7N2.
your power supply is low quality and underpowered for the system and has probably gone under the strain
see if you can borrow one to swap in to check
to buy you need around 400-450w quality psu
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