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PC crashes

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Well today i was Watching some youtube and all of a sudden everything goes in frames my mouse typing everything.

So i thought ill turn it off for a hour and start up again.
so i start it up and it crashes at The Starting windows screen.

it turns the power off for some reason.

if anyone knows what happening please tell me.

Thanks , PwNix
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Hi -

Sudden shutdown + video issues suggest extreme heat.

Check temps with SpeedFan -->

Click on the blue "SpeedFan 4.40" under "Download". After installation, RIGHT-click on SF icon, select "Run as Administrator"

Also, make sure your video drivers are updated. Go to the video device manufacturer's web site.

Regards. . .


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Thanks but i cant even start up my pc :/ it turns the power off when i get to starting windows
okay. i asked my little brother if he did something to the pc, and he had kicked it because he couldnt win in his game... so i think something is broke .

Someone has an idea what it could be?
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