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pc crashed please help me

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2 days ago my i turned my pc of and the next day i turn it on an it doesnt go onto the log on screen >.<
all that happens is it goes onto a black screen and says

"start windows normanly"
"start with last known configurations"
"start in safe mode"
"safe mode using command prompt"
"safe mode with networking"

trying any of these does nothing, so i tryed a windows boot up floopy disc thing and when i start up my pc it comes up with


Microsort milleniuim...


and then nothing else happens am i meant to put something after A:/> or do i need something else? like a windows start up CD?

my pc is windows xp professional if that helps?
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set the computer to boot from the xp cd,put in the xp cd and reboot
choose install and press R when it asks
in the recovery console try

thanks for the help ill try it out but all i need is the xp boot up disk
is that possible to download?
in the recovery console type help and it will list all of the commands available,the same as when you used to type help when booting from the old dos boot disk

thanks for your help and ill try it as soon as i find or get a new xp startup disc.
i just tryed that A:/>Help thing but it just says "bad command"
is that meant to happen? or do i need to have that xp disk in ?
forget the dos boot disk boot from the xp cd and go into the recovery console and type
and press enter
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