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PC build not booting? MOBO or PS? resolved

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This is my second, PC build, I built a PC about 3 and a half years ago. My system was starting to get outdated and I wanted to build a new PC, althrough, not the priceyest a nice system. I used an AMI board the same name brand that used before, because I had good luck with. The board is a ASROCK 775DUAL-VSTA board, the processor I used, is a Pentium D Dual-Core 2.80GHz, I used an AGP, ATI 128 MB for video, 80 GIG HD, DVD BURNER, floppy, 512MB DDR2-667. Also the case for the build has a 450W PS. Now got that cover, now I can get to my problem. I had everything mounted, everything hooked up and everything plugged in and wires all connected. Now I go to turn on the power, nothing happens, so I press the power button again and again nothing, the third time it comes on and it is running and seems pretty smooth, but I have a monitor hooked up to it and the screen stays blank. So the pc is running but it doesn't cycle through, and my bios screen never comes up, also the dvd burner is plugged in but it doesn't cycle through and the drive won't open, when you press the button. I don't know if my board is bad or the power supply doesn't have enough Wats and I need a new power supply? Or what the problem is? Any suggestions? I'm at my wits end :upset:
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You didn't mention enough about your hard drive that you are booting from. Did you by any chance just take the old hard drive out of your other computer and put it in this one? Or, is this a new one and you want to do a clean install. If you just changed the old one, then you most likely need to try a repair install so you can load the chipset drivers, etc. You would need also (if you did that) to reinstall the SP2 and some other drivers.

Talk to us also about the power supply, like brand name and amps per rail (found on the side of the supply).

For the delayed Off/On problem, double check those front panel header wires, you may have a loose one on there.

Post back with questions/concerns.
He wrote that the bios screen never showed up, so it is unlikely to be the hard drive.

Usually the system will "power up" but nothing will happen if a piece of hardware is faulty, not of the right type, or not properly installed. Check to ensure that all the hardware (memory, video cards, expansion cards, et cetera) are installed properly and are fitted and tight in their slots. This is especially true of the video card.

I believe you said that you have an AGP, but if it is PCI express, ensure that the card is in the right PCI express slot and that SLI or Crossfire is disabled.

Also, check the memory and expansion cards for damage. Put them in another computer and see if they work if you can. Ensure that none of the pins are bent or missing (I have bought a DIMM chip that was missing a connector). If the internal speaker is beeping or there is an LED flashing, the mother might be transmitting an error code.

Also, I believe that there are different speeds of AGP and that not all AGP video cards are compatible with all AGP standards, so you might want to look in the video card manual and ensure that the card will work with an AGP speed that your motherboard supports. It probably will, but it will not hurt to check.
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What you said about the AGP video card slot, might be something, I missed because, the board has 4 pci slots, 1 AGP slot and 1 pci express graphics slot.
Please do not use a 3.3 AGP card on the AGP slot of this motherboard! It may cause permanent damage! I don't know what the v is on my Avi 128mb AGP card, but it says AGP slot is used to install AGP expansion cards. I don't know if mine is an expansion card. I think that maybe the pci express graphics slot, is ment for the VGA. I might take it out and buy a pci graphics card, the AGP card was from my old build. That mght be it, but I'll check slots and connectors awell. Thanks
when you installed the cpu did you use thermal paste on the cpu die or are you relying on the thermal tape that comes with the cpu from the factory, if you did use the thermal tape, did you ever connect the heat sink to the cpu then remove the heat sink for any reason ????? if you remove the heat sink from the cpu; either the tape and or thermal grease will no longer be valid. You will need to clean them completely off, and reapply thermal grease (better than thermal pads anyway)

does the cpu fan stay running when you try to boot the unit ??????

what make and model PSU ???
Yes, I just used the thermal tape that was on the cpu, it didn't look like a whole lot. And I have a new tube of thermal paste, that I haven't used, should I try cleaning off the cpu and heat sink then apply thermal paste to the cpu directly? The power supply is 450W, not sure what name brand it is but it came with the case and has worked well for over a year.
My gut feeling is your PSU is not up to the task of running a Pentium D system; I usually suggest a bare minimum 550 watt high quality PSU.

The PSU units that normally come with a case are very low quality and capability, unless you spent $200.00 or more for such a combo chances are you have a very lame PSU. sorry for the bad news :sigh:

I personally would start off this upgrade with a new PSU unit; like the Antec Trio 650 watt PSU for $99.00 after rebate (

you may get "away" with the Antec TRIO 550 watt for $99.00 with a manufactures rebate that makes the fianl price in the $80.00 range; I believe

I would not dip any lower than the TRIO series

OCZ modstream & gamerstream also have some great units for sale in the 600 watt range

if you have any desires of gaming at all, I would stay above the 550 watt mark to ensure you have the capability when the video card bug bites you next year.
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UPDATE: Iceman5150

My Motherboard was defictive, I sent it back to newegg, and they sent me a replacement, hooked up the replacement and it runs great, so the other board was defective. Thanks for all the addvice. :wave:
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