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PC Boot issues - Monitor will not display anything

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Hi, This is my first post, and I regard myself as a novice so pls bear with me.

I have a Soyo KT333 Dragon Ultra motherboard with Athlon XP 2000 processor.

I started to experience issues a few weeks ago, the PC would randomly just switch off. I would then have to unplug the mains and switch it on again, as the power button would not immediately respond.

My problems got worse....after a few crashes it just switched off completely.

The following is a list off issues, and what i've tried:

1. C Drive (with operating Win XP system) is no longer working - I have removed this and placed it in an external USB case and tried in another machine, where the drive is not accessible and therefore cannot be read - Is the drive lost forever ? All other drives in the setup are fine.

2. At first, the PC would just not switch on, or turn for 2 secs and then switch off.

I removed all the hard drives, cards, CD/DVD drives, etc. and Memory, tested the motherboard which turned on successfully, with the fans spinning.

3. I have tried the graphics card, by inserting one from another machine, but this is not the problem.

4. I can't test the memory or the processor, as I don't have any spare, I took a hard drive with Win 98 on it and have inserted that into my machine. However, motherboard and fans switch on, but nothing appears on the monitor.

5. I have reset the CMOS by changing the jumpers and even removed the battery and put it back, but still no luck.

6. I have checked the monitor with another machine, and that is fine.

I would really appreciate it if someone could advise, or has my processor gone?

Thanks in advance.

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turning it off at the mains and then back on usually indicates a power supply problem,have you another supply that you can swap in or can you borrow one to check.
fans and h/d are no indicators that it is ok as they do not draw much power
you cannot take a h/d out of another comp and put in the op.system will not boot
hi kaleem,

hmmm try testing another power supply on your computer and see if its a power issue, seems like one too. i recommend antec or enermax which are really good brands.
Hi Guys - Thanks very much for the replies.

Forgot to mention that trying another power supply was the first thing I tried.

Ok, I take your point that you cannot just insert a hard drive with another operating system into my current setup - but nonetheless, I should at least get a display on my monitor screen showing that the ram and hard drives have been recognised.

Do you think I should remove the motherboard out of the case and try it like that?

One question - if the ram is faulty, do you get the monitor showing anything?

I can't understand why nothing is displayed?


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if it was ram,video or cpu you would expect to receive bios beeps,unless the cpu was dead
take it out of the case to check for a short to the backing plate
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