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Paying Paypal for a live/step by step 2xPC network setup

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And the best part is, I'm not computer stupid!

So I won't be a hassle, I'm just that desperate to get this thing working I'm willing to pay.

Here's the lowdown:

I wish to have a permanently working internet connection on my laptop, and if possible, share files / LAN with my main computer (for gaming, music etc).

Main Computer
Connected to the internet (currently working) through a USB port Speedstream USB ADSL Modem, which has a phone line connected into the wall, and a spare ethernet spot.

New Laptop

Telstra Bigpond ADSL 512/256
So this is a little hard to explain. As mentioned above, my main computer is connected to a Speedstream USB Modem via a USB port in the back. In said modem is a phone line to the wall, an AC adapter for power obviously, and an ethernet cable. The ethernet cable runs up through my roof and down into my living area and into my...
DLink Dir-300 Wireless Router.

Where I've gotten so far
I've managed to get the laptop to connect perfectly with a wireless 54MBp/s "Excellent" connection to the router wherever I am in the house, however I have no internet or email. I'm happy to log in to and restore factory defaults if you wish to start all over again, too.

Price will be negotiated preferably after I'm setup. I'm not asking for it to be overly cheap either, if you get it working and it's worked for like a day without hassles, I'll pay well!

However I do ask that if something does go wrong in the near future that I have access to a little ongoing support...but that's up to you.

So who's in!?
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That's awesome, I really like this community!

However coincidentally I setup the network myself, was tricky but I'm done, nice and clean too!

But I won't waste a thread...

If my laptop connects to a wireless router, and my main PC also to the router but can I share files, printers and game as if I'm on a LAN?
Hi mate,

Thanks very much for your reply. Though as I said above, I got the internet working perfectly.

Now my question is how to enable what I'd guess you'd call a LAN between my laptop and desktop, as to play games "offline" and share files/folders.

Is this only possible on a wired connection?
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