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Password Won't Work & the Comp Wont Get Out of Safemode

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I was trying to remove a trojan virus (downloader) from my computer and when I tried to reboot in safemode my windows password wouldn't work anymore. I got into safemode using msconfig. I am unable to get out of safemode using F8 and now i don't know what to do. Please help me! Thank you.
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Sorry, I was kind of vague in my post. Basically, my question is how can I get back into normal mode and how did my password get affected? Thank you.
Hello and Welcome to TSF,

DO you have your xp install cd for this pc?
Hello fedor_fan

I am unable to get out of safemode using F8
Did you try unchecking "/SAFEBOOT," in msconfig

If he does that dunedin, he wont beable to boot into windows anymore.
Hello and thank you for your replies. I do not have the recover CD. When I try to "Start Windows Normally" it still goes into safe mode and asks for my windows password (which doesn't work). So I'm in safe mode and my Windows password doesn't work so that I can get into the comp.
Can you borrow an xp disc from someone maybe a friends? your not going to be installing windows but it will help you get to the recovery console which is at the beginning of installation of xp.

Can you get into recovery console? if so....

then follow my instructions please here:

control userpasswords2

When the window opens, look for the box that says Users must use a password.......
If it's checked, uncheck it.
It will then tell you that at least one person has to have a password.

Select the one you want from your user list, and leave the password blank
reboot pc

It might ask for the password again, so just hit enter.
It should boot up and not ask you anymore.
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