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Partition Cloning broblem!!! Plz help!

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I have 20GB hard with two partitions C with Win98 and D with WinXP Pro(fully updated to the date)
Due to problem in this HDD i wanted to move my system to a new 80GB 7200rpm HDD. I created 3 partitions there and I cloned old HDD to new one using Norton Ghost 2003(It's live updated to the date)
old HDD C(win98 partition) to new HDD C
old HDD D(WinXP pro partition) to new HDD D

I removed the old HDD and boot from new cloned HDD, my Win98 OS working well, but when i boot from WinXP it boot up and come to the point that ask to login, when i enter my password there it accepts it and system wait for around 2 minutes and a error message Named "Windows Product Activation" comes saying..
" A Problem is preventing windows from accurately checking the license for this computer.
Error Code 0x 800 90006 "
When i press OK to it Winxp autolog off and come back to login screen again.

I tryed booting from WinXP SafeMode but still can't

So what should i do for this, If i install XP agian over this then my settings and mydocuments and all stuff will be deleted. So plz help me any ideas to fix this?
Or anyideas to reinstall XP without losing settings or anything?

I still have my old HDD working and there XP working fine. So if you want i can copy anything from old HDD to this..
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i dont know if you are aware of it, but this sounds like when my friend tried to "borrow" his friends copy of xp, but they didnt have the disk.....

i think xp notices your hard disk being different, and it concluded that it isnt running in the same system anymore.

if you have two hard disks, then why are you worried about losing anything?

put the old one back, and add the new one, and copy anything important over to the second partition on it.

then put the new on as drive 0

then reistall xp on the C: partition on your new disk

i dont see the problem, or why you want to keep the old copy working unless you are trying to do something illegal with it.

i know that ghost has a system scanner to see if the system is the same or if you are trying to scam microsoft.

reinstall it, and stop trying to skirt the anti copying software in place on your system.

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You should be able to activate it again without a reinstallation. Call Microsoft's activiation line and explain your problem.
Hi guys,
I never wanted to scam MS my old drive has a problem in its arm so need to start the system about 10 times to get a boot up. As I see it’ll die very soon that’s why I moved my system to new hard disk. About your reinstalling thing, I have done tons of modifications to my old XP and installed SP1 and all new SP2 stuff too, and online updated most of my other programs and stuff. Im on a 56k so it’ll be another 250mb download if I reinstall the system. You know it’ll like a year in 56k to download them. Then how about doing all the modifications and custom stuff, and reinstalling all programs and updating and configuring to my need oh god may be like a week of back aching work.

As I know XP look for 3 or more hardware changes to ask for reactivation. But I only add a new hard disk and removed the CD Rom drive. Same system. Anyway it seems to me XP is not asking the activation some thing wrong and it can’t access the proper way of checking the license. Anyway I’ll try with MS I look for help here coz no Microsoft help centers here and it’ll be a international call for me, I know this will take at least about 30minutes international call haha.. okay anyway thanx mates for your great support ;) im outta here, bye
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