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For example. I am an animator. If you click on my animations page I want a list of my animations. Then you can click on my animations and a new animation page would open up. How do you do this?
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Hey Davron and welcome to TSF,

Not too sure on exactly what you want. Do you want a drop down menu and hten you see all your animations or are you simply talking about click on a page and seeing a list of animations etc.

Please elaborate more on the source of your problem.

Have a fun and computing day,
Grove :cool:

Heres the thing. My website host allows me to make a 1 page and then put stuff in it. What I want is for you to click the page. Then a list of my stuff appears. Then I want you to be able to click on one of the items which then takes you to another page. But my host only allows me to make one page. I called them and they said It's an HTML code or sumthing.
add "target=new" to your links, that will make them open in a second window.
Yup. All you have to do is put all your links on that page and then add the code waltside just mentioned or use this code:
<a href="yourpage.html" target="_blank">
This will make all of your links open in a seperate window. I think your host should allow that. :sayyes:
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