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Pages stop loading

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I have recently moved into a dorm at college and have been using my laptop more frequently. (this is probably irrelevant)

but, everytime I use the internet since I got here, about 15 to 30 minutes after I'm surfing the web, web pages just stop loading! AOL Instant Messenger continues to run, but I can't check out any web pages. It's really annoying, because I keep having to restart.

I know this is a broad problem, so I am ready to provide anymore specific informtion you might need. thanks in advance.
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ooh yeah, I did a Microsoft Anti-Spyware scan and 0 objects came up! This laptop is rather new and I haven't used it much until lately.
well, the problem has disappeared, so hopefully it won't start doing this again.
okay, it's happening again...any ideas?

the best solution I have right now is to unplug the cable and then plug it back in and wait a little while.
some peope that have had problems with internet explorer have been able to use the address bar in my computer in some versions of windows or go to run and type and download firefox and install it and were able to surf
before posting anything I downloaded and tried luck.
a friend down the hall just stopped by and showed me how to go to the Control Panel and then "repair internet connection"...apparently she was having the SAME exact problem as me and it seems to be working for her...

wish me luck!
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