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Page does not show up in IE works on every other browser

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hey there,
If somebody can help me out here....
I am using hotspot software on our network...antamedia....
now the default log in page that has log in and password for internet access shows up on browsers like firefox, safari
it does not shows up in Internet Explorer...!!!

I can see the page as blank...

does anybody have solution for this??
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Hello and Welcome to TSF!

Have you reset your IE browser to the default settings? Then default your Hotspot page after.
What version of Internet Explorer are you running?

If you are running Internet Explorer 8, try enabling compatibility mode. It is the broken page icon next to the refresh button on the toolbar. Here’s a good resource from the IEBlog that talks about compatibility mode in detail if you’d like to learn more:

Can you view the page now?

IE Outreach Team
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