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P5WD2 Premium BIOS version 0422?

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Um did I miss something? My board came with bios 0304. Is it just me or are there alot of bios missing in between. Anyone know whats up with this.
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Where are all the brain childs? I know you guys have a good answer as to why. So lets here it.

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who knows? maybe that's just the way ASUS works. All i know is i have it and it runs splendidly.

Thats my whole point. Asus will always list the first bios in there download page and then list each bios inbetween. They never just post a number in the hundreds past the initial. It does not make sense. Did your board come with 422 or 304 like mine!
Naw, mine didn't come with the 0422, it was the 304, i think it was from april/march?

Who are we to tell ASUS how to run their business tho? If it works, we can't complain!
The dislexic programmer reversed the major and minor bios version numbers. By the time the error was discovered the web master had already posted the Bios version on the website.

In the meantime Techs here on Tech Support Forum cannot respond to your inquiry because they have all reverted to their childhood and are facinated by the yellow ducky mobile suspended over their PC's.

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