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I'm new to this forum, and decided to find external help here, as I'm
totally frustrated after days and weeks trying to get my new system up...
On the ICH7 in the P5LD2 I hook up 4 identical Hitachi 250GB SATA drives
(I had bad experience with failing disks in past, therefore that step...),
building a RAID5, 128KB stripe size.
But when I try installing Windows XP Pro (of course using the ASUS-provided
driver disk with F6 during install), it crashes with blue screen (INPAGE error)
after the first reboot during install, when it detects my devices.
On next reboot, 2 of my 4 drives are shown "fault" in the Intel RAID setup
during boot.
This procedure is very repeatable. Here is what I all tried:
- using other OS (Win XP 64bit: same thing)
- testing HDDs using Hitachi's test tool: all OK.
- using RAID0 instead: SAME crash
- install WinXP on one of the failing drives, but no RAID (standard IDE):
works OK
- re-flashing BIOS: after I did that, magically I could install WinXP OK, but
then later during app install and data copy from my old drives, I get
bluescreen crash again - and again 2 drives failing! START OVER!!!! :dead:
- Interestingly: it is not always the same two HDDs that fail, but it is
always two of them - enough to kill the RAID5...

-anyone ever done a RAID with this or similar ASUS board (ICH7 builtin RAID
controller) ?
- any similar issues seen?
- any advise?

I appreciate any inputs or help, I wasted so much time already, and
running out of ideas. My fear is that buying a new MB might show the same
thing again....

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