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Hello all!! I'm new to the forum and wanted to get some help on a couple of issues I've had with my computer.

First things first, system specs:
P4 3.2g, 775 LGA processor
Asus P5GDC-Delux Mobo
Kingston DDR2 (can't remember the speed) ram 1x 1.0 Gig
WD 36 gig 10,000rpm rapter SATA HD (single drive configured as IDE).
MSI 6600GT PCI-e card

Issue#1 AI Booster working, but not fully functional
This program used to work just fine, but at some point the NOS feature quit working. It happened either after I reformatted the hard drive and installed a new copy of XP Pro, SP2; after I updated the AI Booster Utility, or Updated the Bios to the latest version. I've tried changing my bios settings (please tell me what they should be to let the NOS overclocking work), AI Booster support is enabled. What I get is the little utility skin, but when I click NOS I can't change the settings. I can enable or disable, but not access the drill down menu. It looks like the check boxes are out of synch. There are two apply buttons, one overlaps the other. Also since this issue has occured, my memory Voltage displays "NR." I assume this means "not registered." I can overclock from BIOS and it works just fine.

Issue#2 DVI output not working
This is a strange issue. The other night I was playing with some BIOS settings and inadvertantly set my BIOS ATA mode wrong. When the computer restarted the monitor was showing no signal (and of course my computer wouldn't boot). I inserted my XP disc into the CD Rom and restarted. This allowed me to start up, but the monitor was still not getting an input signal. I check the DVI connections and they were fine, check the card, it was in good. Finally took the DVI cable off and switched to an analog. Everything worked fine. I have tried switching back yet, I know that's the logical next step, but I was wondering if anyone else has had similar problems.

It seems that this Mobo just seems to be problematic. What's the oppion out there, should I consider a new MOBO?

Thanks in Advance,

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