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p4s5a RAM upgrade problem.

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Hello all,

I would appreciate any help/insight with this problem.

I have a p4s5a motherboard and I have been using DDR ram.

Currently I have 1 512 DDR266 chip installed and this evening I installed a second 256 DDR266 chip.

After booting the machine the following occurs:

The RAM check proceeds fine and displays the correct amount of Ram.

The Drives are located fine.

Next a blue screen appears with the following (somewhat paraphrased message)

"The BIOS in this system is not fully ACPI compliant
Please contact the system vendor for an updated bios.
If the latest bios is not supported you can turn of ACPI during text mode setup. To do this press F7 when you are prompted to install storage drivers."

I have the most updated BIOS available for my board. And I am unsure exactly what is being described in the portion referring to turning off ACPI.

I would really appreciate any help in this matter.

Many thanks in advance.
Jason Walsh
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Welcome to the forums, Jason! I'm not that familiar with DDR yet but have you tried booting with just the new stick installed? If it boots the two may be incompatible with each other. Keep us updated!
Additional info.

Hi and thanks for the welcome :)

Well I did try the RAM alone, subsequent to your comment, and my system actually does not work with that new RAM stick by itself. I found that strange since the machine picks up 768 MB of RAM when they are both in....but gives the BIOS error.

I guess I will return the RAM and try a new one, but if anyone has experienced something similar to this problem I would love to hear....I am a little worried about experiencing the same thing again with new RAM.

Did you flash the bios?

Or is this a brand new board?

Oh BTW What motherboard do you have?
Yes I did flash the bios and it should have the latest release.

Also (which I did mention :) ) I have a ECS p4s5a motherboard.
It is the 478 model and uses SiS645 & SiS961 Chipset.

I am going to pick up some new RAM today and see if that fixes things, which I hope.

Thanks for the reply.
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