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P4P800 SE S/PDIF output

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About 2-3 weeks ago my old motherboard (P4P800) crashed and I noticed my warranty had expired so I decided to buy a new card. Bought me a P4P800 SE, installed it and the computer booted normally and everything was working great. That is until I noticed I dont have any output sound from the S/PDIF connector.

The P4P800 I had before this one was great and the output was working like it should with my receiver set to Digital Auto it found the incoming signal. I have tried pretty much everything I can come up with.

I installed the SoundMax software from the Asus CD.
I have checked the sound settings in the volume control panel and both AC3 and PCM S/PDIF output is activated.
I have tried installing other drivers but get an error installing saying something like "Driver not found, you must reboot"

Has anyone had this problem or anything similar to it?
Help would be really appreciated.

Thanks for reading!
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Sometimes this has to be enabled in the BIOS. My board also has SPDIF but I've never tested it, I suppose I should.

I'll study the manual and see if i can learn anything new from that.
Thanks for the fast reply.
Forgot to say the bios options for OnBoard Audio are Auto and Disabled and it is set to Auto. All my other sound ports are working, its just the S/PDIF that wont work.
I read through the manual, found nothing on how to enable the SPDIF connector. Apparently it's on by default.

I've gotten these type of systems to work using just basic RCA style audio cables, nothing fancy. it's just a matter of making sure all of your equipment is digital.
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