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P4P800 DELUXE - Audio Problem

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i have recently built a new computer with the P4P800 DELUXE mother board. everything is working great except i can't get any sound to come out to my speakers. the speakers are recognized. the speakers work on another system, so i know it's not the speakers. i don't have any conflicts in the device manager.

is there a setting in the software that i need to make, or perhaps in the bios?

i'm really stumped.

please help me hear what this motherboard sound system sounds like.


- r
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Welcome to the forums squabbydog.................:D

If you have onboard sound you may need to enable it in the bios.

How about a list of what you got there?
OnBoard Audio setting in the bios.

in the bios i have the setting for;

OnBoard AC'97 Audio set to - [ Auto ]

the only other option is [ Disabled ]

- r
If you've got a little yellow speaker down next to the clock in the systray double click it and check to see if the volume is turned down or muted.
been there done that.

i'm looking for something that might be a little less obvious.

I realize this thread is a bit dated, however I have exactly the same problem with my P4C800 Dlx. I have not been able to make audio work (speakers are recognized but no sound, I know the speakers are good).

For now I run on an old SB PCI512 card but would like to get onboard sound working also (if only because I paid for it :D ).

I tried many different drivers but no luck.... Perhaps we can compare notes on our setup and see if we can identify the problem....

OK, you won't believe this but I solved the onboard sound problem with my P4C800 Dlx last night......

Turns out that the connector on the MB for the front-side audio panel by default does not have the jumpers installed that should be there when you don't have a front-side panel installed....:rolleyes:

I believe the jumpers are needed to connect the audio-out pins to the back-side audio jacks. No jumpers --> no sound. The jack-sensing still works without the jumpers though....

Anyway only took me 5 months and countless hours of forum-searches to find this out. Hope this post saves someone else having to go through the same ordeal...

You're absolutely right, see the thread, Asus P4P800 Front Audio dosn't work. In that thread I never mentioned what would happen if no jumpers were present, but you have taken it to that further step. Thanks.

Not sure squabbydog's problem is solved, though.

I think I never noticed the current thread, because it opened and closed before I even joined.


I think I read every thread on the internet related to these boards and sound problems, I actually think the thread you mention is the one that put me on the right path towards the solution.

Decided to have a look at my MB (not really believing I would find anything) and indeed found no jumpers were installed. Which I still find very strange for an out of the box board, that doesn't come standard with a front-side panel to install...Can't imagine noone else encountered this....

Anyway the threads on the forums over here helped me solve the problem, so thanks!
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