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I Just got this p4i945GC Socket 478 Motherboard:

The problem I am having is a strange issue with blue screening..

The setup is as follows:
CPU: P4 3.20GHZ with 1mb Cachce
Sata HD Seagate, 250GB

and two IDE CD/DVD Rom on the IDE bus Primary.

The RAM is AMPO PC2 6400 DDR2 Type Ram both 2046MB each which both are clocked down to 533Mhz by the auto settings in the BIOS: I have it set this way for safety operations and diagnostic purposes.

No overclocking of any sorts has been set and all optimal defaults are loaded except for the 32bit I/O Transfers on the IDE bios settings for the hard drive are enabled to allow 32bit chunk transfers.

The operating system is windows SP3 with all updates installed; but the issue started after I installed SP3.

During the instillation SP3 nearly at the end when it was finalizing there was a bluescreen.

That DMP file is damaged and I am unable to figure out what has happened in it.

Although I do have a bunch of mini dumps that I was hoping someone could help me analyze and figure out why this unit is bluescreening constantly..

the GPU Card installed is a NVidea GeForce 6200 TurboCache PCIe (Which has the latest Drivers for that particular item)

All the latest updates from the Asrock website for the drivers have been installed: I even went to Realtek and got the latest HD Drivers for this unit and that is installed too.

I am mind blown as to how this thing keeps blue screening so perhaps someone can help me analyze these dumps and figure out what may be the cause?

Do I have a bad motherboard?

or is it possibly the ram? I know the ram is good: it was from a working computer which was tested out ok with MEMtest both passing.

The System I pulled that ram from never had blue screenings but is it possible the bluescreens are due to the fact there is faster ram installed on the system?

Normally ram just clocks down to a working safe point so the system is stable and able to run fine or would there still be a possible issue ?

Or is this all software related?

I have attached the Minidumps in a ZIP, please see files based by Date order time: Mini120415-01.dmp being the first and Mini120915-05.dmp Being the last.

Kind Thanks,

P.S: I am limited to test requests by anyone who posts here: The unit is not with me anymore and it is with my fiance whom is in Canada atm so if any of this can be fixed due to software relation, then much would be appreciated, but until then I am stuck not being able to physically do much to the computer except for using Teamviewer to connect to her system and work the software like i was sitting there.


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