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Hopefully someone can help me out of this desperate situation.

Last night I flashed the bios to 1007 (successfully) using the method laid out by Asus. System rebooted, bios posted, XP flashed up for a second, and when I thought I was going to the desktop it rebooted (no biggied I thought). When it came back the bios posted again, but this time I was greeted with a message that there was a problem with the Raid array.

I hit Ctrl-F to go into FastTrack and checked out the settings. The array is listed as offline. I tried going into the rebuild screen and telling it to rebuild the array, but I get told that it can't.

I reflashed the bios back to the original on the CD, but that doesn't seem to have fixed the Raid problem.

I've cheked my bios settings, everything looks fine, Raid is enabled, SATA is enabled. I checked the wiring that's all fine. I cleared the CMOS, that didn't help. FastTrack won't let me do anything other then try to delete or create a new array, but not reactivate my old one.

I've emailed ASUS and that was of no use since they haven't written me back:angry2: .

Everything else is posting fine CPU (P4 2.6 HT), Ram (2 512 sticks (on the list)), video comes up (Radeon 9600), and I can even hear the HD's spin up (SATA 80 gigs, Seagates).

Any ideas on how to reactivate my array? If the array isn't posting in the first place is there a way to get it to do so, so I can simply reinstall (painful, but I have data backups)?

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