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P4C800 power problem

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P4C800 Deluxe mobo
P4 3.0G cpu
Kingston 512MB Non ECC PC3200 DDR
Thermaltake Purepower 480W Power Supply
Eagle Sky Hawk PSR5605 Series Chassis
Asus V9900-TD 128M Video Card
120GB WD1200JB Hard Drive

I am attempting to assemble my new computer but am having problems with the power. The computer reboots after about 10 seconds from being turned on, and will continue to reboot a few more times until it shuts off completely. I am thinking the problem is related to the reset SW or power SW connectors becuase neither the power or reset buttons will work, the only way to turn the machine on is through the power supply switch. All of the system panel connectors are propely connected on the mobo and no power connections are loose.

I have also tried removing all power connections, with the exception of the ones to the motherboard. I discovered the computer will not reboot if the power supply from the harddrive is removed, however the power and reset buttons still will not function. The computer will bootup to a "Overclocking failed!" screen, followed by "No disk detected". The AI Overclock Tuner is set to standard, so I am not sure why the overclocking error is appearing.

Any help is appreciated!
thanks- matt
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hey matt

im having somewhat similar problems

looks like our board is just power hungry on the 12v plug ... even some good power supplies (like my antec) cant seem to give it enough juice

im just putting together what ive read on about 500 posts about this problem, i havent gotten mine to work yet... but its a thought anyway
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