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P4C800.. etc.

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Ok, So I just built this new computer.

P4C800 deluxe
2x 512mb Pc3200 GIEL ram
2.8Ghz HT 800fsb
120gig 8mb cache western digital hd
Radeon 9600 Pro 128mb
Windows XP

System runs good, minus a few problems

When shutting down, I always get "IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL" BSoD. only when shutting down or logging off.

"SM Bus Controller" is not recongnized.. dont know much about that.

and, whenever i boot up it goes

yet I was just in bios :shrug:

if anyone can help your a savior :)
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I just recently built a computer with the same motherboard.

the 'sm bus controller' has something to do with the chipset on the motherboard. If you go into device manager you should see 'sm bus' listed. Put in your ASUS cd, right click on 'sm bus controller' and click 'update drivers' It should find the drivers on the cd and install them. Then the problem should go away.

As for the error you get, I'm getting all kinds of errors and memory dumps.. The one you got is also one of them. I confirmed that one of my ram chips where defective after running some memory diagnostic tests. I removed one of the chips and ran the test again and it has no errors. So now with the faulty chip out I havn't had any problems yet. It's been about 4 hours now.
You might want to run a memory diagnostics. I downloaded one from the microsoft website. Not exactly sure where at though, after a crash the help and support center came up and gave me a direct link to the download of it.

Good luck.
Oh, and about the bios not found stuff.. go into the bios setup and disable all the onboard stuff that you aren't using.. that should fix the problem up real quick.
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