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I am setting up this m/b for the first time. (bought a year ago but never had time to assemble)
Presently it is still on the workbench with only the following installed:

P4C800-E Dlx rev. 2.00 BIOS 1019
P4 3.0E @ 3.0GHz
CPU Ext Freq = 200MHz
Core Volt = 1.375
HT disabled
Stock HS/Fan with Artic Silver 3

Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2PL by SPD timing
Mem Volt = 2.65
DRAM Freq = 400MHz

AGP/PCI = 66.66/33.33

OCZ Powerstream 520W PSU
Abit gForce2 MX400 video for setup purposes only - will replace
with Matrox Parhelia when system is up and running.
ACER CD-ROM drive on Prim IDE as boot device and to
run MemTest bootable CD.

No HDD's, no overclocking, no OS yet.
Using BIOS Hardware monitor on boot-up, the CPU temps
run at 49 - 51 C.
I thought this was to hot for a new empty m/b and fitted
a VANTEC HSF model CCK-7025 with fan @ 4000rpm and
Artic Silver 3 paste.

The CPU temps ONLY came down to 47 - 49 C.
The whole setup is lying open on workbench (antistatic)
with good airflow around and room temp of 22C.

The Northbridge 875 chip heatsink was too hot to touch for more than
a few seconds. I applied AS 3 paste and mounted a small 20mm
cooler fan on top of the 875 chip. Is much cooler now but that
is an extra noisy fan running in what was to be a quiet machine.

After reading about all the burnt out Southbridge chips on this and other forums,
I decided to mount a heatsink (without fan) on the Southbridge with Artic Silver Thermal Adhesive. It is cool to touch now.

1. Is this normal temps (47 - 51C) for this 3.0E CPU in unloaded, non-overclocked state?
I see most of the forum regulars use ZALMAN HSF but I could not find
one in town over the week-end ( have it on order now)

2. Should I replace the 20mm fan with the Custom Coolermaster CM Blue Ice (RT-UCL-L4U1) for more stabillity?

MemTest ran overnight and CORSAIR TWINX1024-3200C2 modules could not pass without errors despite upping voltage,
slowing down timings manually and running single sticks at a time.
Fortunately I had another pair of the same memory on hand (intended for Intel BPZ875 mobo)
and they have been running without problems for 6 hours now.

I do not want to waste time on further assembly if these CPU temps are to hot.
I would rather get another mobo and start over.

Any ideas on these CPU temps from those who have stable P4C800-E Dlx boards?
Thanks a lot - this is a great forum!


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Those are normal temps for a prescott cpu, the Zalman you have on order will help, I would not be alarmed unless your cpu goes over 60C under full load. The northbriodge and southbridge chips do get hot, however in a properlycooled case this is not usually a problem using passive heatsinks....that you added fans to them is great, but unless you plan on some extreme OC'ing you'll notice no benefits, few of us use active cooling on them and even whem I'm clocked at 3.8 I don't have a problem with them overheating. You've built a really nice system....enjoy ! :grin:
Oh, and I would keep your ddr ref voltage at 2.75....those Corsair modules tend to want a bit more voltage than they advert for stability

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Thanks for the response on the temps. question.
I adjusted the mem volts to 2.75
Hopefuly I will be able to add my machine experience
to the "Running p4c800 machine" thread within a
week or so!


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I can confirm also that's a totally normal temp for a Prescott. The normal P4's run about 10* cooler, just the way they're built.
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