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Hello all,

Just purchased this board and have got it up and running very
solidly so far. One very small, but very annoying problem matter which way round I connect the plug, the internal speaker will not give me ANY beeping on startup, for USB etc....I've updated the bios to 1010 (not sure from what version), still no joy...have also tried 2 other speakers...nothing. I simply cannot believe that this ONE tiny thing happens to be faulty, has anyone else come across the problem?


P4c800-e deluxe
p4 2.4c (stock speed)
1024 Twinmos 3200 Ram
x2 WD HDDs in RAID 0
ATI RADEON 9700 pro
Canopus DV Storm
Yamaha sw1000xg
Hammerfall DSP 9632

(I have onboard sound set to AUTO in the bios)

I really don't want to have to unmake the WHOLE system and return the board just because of this...if its a known problem, i can live with it and I'll use the "speech bios" diagnostics instead, but naturally I don't want my board to be faulty...any help would be much appreciated thx.
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