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P4C800-E DELUX will not boot

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I do not think anyone can help but I have what seems the common problem of a P4C800-E DELUX not booting.

After about 18 months my machine decided that it was not going to boot up. The fans started, the keyboard flashed but the monitor stayed in standby.

Changed the video card for an old one. That did not fix it. So unplugged it and left it for 3 or so days. Took it to my local computer shop to see if they could identify the faulty component, but when they connected it up, hey presto it booted up.

I get it back and decide to reinstal WIN 2000 Professional. Problem now it wont recognise the SATA drives in a RAID 0 config. The bit where you press F6 and then install 3rd party drivers. So I change the BIOS to IDE for the SATA drives. Press F6 on WIN 2000, install load drivers fine and all words. Unfortunately while installing one of the drivers, Bluetooth I think, the PC decides to hang. No choice have to switch off. Now it fails to boot again. OK so I reset the bios with the jumper.

Get it working again but same happens again, lock up, have to switch off but now I cannot get it to reboot by any means.

Its Sunday and a public holiday here in the UK tomorrow so I cannot replace the board untill Tuesday. Anyone got any ideas on the problem before I replace the board.

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Take out one stick of memory. Reset the bios to default and give it a try. Sounds like you may have a faulty memory stick.
Welcome to TSF:

Give us the make and model of your PSU ? if its a generic power supply or you bought it as a case ~ PSU combo deal then I strongly suspect a weak PSU / it goes with the symptoms you have also ~~ do you have another PSU you could swap and test it

also check in the bios for your system temps / overheating can cause your symptoms too, take the side off the case and blow a house fan into it / keeping the PSU cooler will generally make it run longer before the computer crashes ??????

run this utility on post back system temps and voltages


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while installing one of the drivers, Bluetooth I think, the PC decides to hang
any chance of trying to load win 2000 without this driver. do you have another option?
Thanks for the responses ppl :sayyes:

The power supply is an Antec TrueBlue 2.0 480W PSU so I do not think there is any problem in that area. The memory is Corsair XMS4000 the Proc is a Canterwood 3 gig the drives 2xWestern Digital Raptors.

I have just got back and the PC was on for 6+ hours, shut down and restarted to no avail.

Will try reboot with each of the the momory sticks tomorrow. If that fails will try the following.

Will leave PC off for 1 day and reboot. If that fails will get a new mobo.

Tried removing the memory, 1 st completely and an alarm went off. Then reset bios with one stick in then the other reset bios again all to no avail.

I am going to get another board tomorrow but do not want to spend £105.69 Including VAT at 17.5% on a P4C800-E DELEX unless I have to. I will be upgrading next year so would an Asus P4P800-X Intel 865PE suffice as I am not overclocking the machine.

Its spec is:

- 800FSB/ Dual Channel DDR400
- ASUS Hyper Path Technology
- Serial ATA technology
- S/PDIF-out on Back I/O Port
- SoundMAX Digital Audio System
- Integrated 10/100 LAN
- AI Overclocking

EDIT Is half the price at £52.82 Including VAT at 17.5%

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have we lost a load of posts tonight ?

I think you will be very happy with the P4P800-E DLX I have been using that board for about 6 months / with the exception of a snag loading aus probe it been a real good board. I think any of the P4P800 sereis boards will keep pace with your P4C800-E DLX / many reviews stated the intel 865 springdale chipset was as good or faster then the 875 canterwood

I would RMA your current board


Well I got a replacement P4C800-E Delux and rebuilt the machine and reinstalled everything. All was going well until I installed Bluetooth again and the machine needed to be rebooted. It failed to start again with exactly the same symptoms. Did all the usual things reset the BIOS with the jumper, removed battery for 20 minutes, cycled the power endlessly all to no avail.

So one last try I remove the memory reboot. The PC then repeatedly beeps 3 times. This is the memory failed signal, well it would it had no memory in the machine. So I refit memory and it reboots with the Overclock failed message.

Well at least I got it working but this is a serious problem with this board. Not least that I now hold my breath every time I boot it up.

Just to report my PC with the new mobo is still running fine with no problems at all.

-razz: Peter -razz:
Your problem seems to stem from your bluetooth adaptor, not the mobo, try pulling it out and see if you still have the reboot issue, otherwise the bluetooth adaptor needs either to have its firmware flashed (if it can be) to the latest revison or replaced. and I would double check your bios settings....since you are using xms4000 memory, which is usually for OC'ing it is possible that with the memory in auto, it is giving you the failed due to OC'ing message, put that setting to manual and set the values to spec....twajetmech
Thanks for the replay twajetmech

Yeah I think it was the blue tooth that has caused some of the problems. When the PC first hung on reboot there was no apparent reason for this. This sytem had been stable for about a year or so.

It is true on two occasions the PC hung on the blue tooth install but the machine had in both instances completely locked up while installing blue tooth only removing power would restart it. The result was that once I got the machine going was that the registries were corrupted and I had to reinstal XP again.

The issue with the 1st mobo was not all blue tooth related as it locked up with no Bluetooth installed.

Bluetooth was about the last thing I instal on the PC and I have a standard keyboard and mouse only installilng bluetooth at the end so I can use my Logitech keyboard and mouse.

I am leaving well alone now.
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