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P4C800-E D random hard drive corruption

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I'm running an Asus P4C800E-D with 2 250GB SATA WD Caviar drives in SATA-IDE mode (Promise is disabled, no RAID configuration). Everything usually boots fine, fresh XP install and BIOS recognizes the drives with no need for other drivers.

There are files throughout my hard drives that are becoming corrupted. Pictures will be corrupted and .EXE's report "Corrupted media blah blah" when I try to run. This seems to be random and I am unable to find a source of the problem. Virus checks returns nothing, no bad sectors, the computer usually clips along no probs...except for something slowly corrupting random files. Both of these drives are fairly new (purchased about 6 months apart, pne was bought last week) and the XP install is off a clean format.

Anyone else ever experience this sort of behavior??? I realize this may not even be related to any SATA or ASUS configuration but I don't know where else to start looking! Thank you for any advice/insight!
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G'day Thisguy - just a small query but could you possibly specify what a/v checks you ran?
Some are much better than others.
Would by any chance these files be p to p from one of the file sharing networks?
I've run both mcafee and that online trend micro but nothing shows. There is nothing p2p on the machine in question (and is usually not connected to the internet). It is used only as an audio studio/daw and all software is judicially installed (these problems do not happen on my test machine or my laptop). I actualy install only a minimal number of apps on this system, but the problem begins even immediately after the XP install. I get these errors after a fresh install and it seems to corrupt any and all files: .wav, .jpg, .mp3, .exe, .cab. This is actually the only drives I store important information (and a source of income) on and never use it with anything I download off the internet.

I'm wondering if this is due to a one time event that might have occured (system lockup, power spike (I'm on a UPS)etc.). I'm not exactly sure and I cannot figure out if this is an ongoing problem that is spreading or that I'm merely now just discovering previously damaged files. What causes this sort of behavior? The only thing crazy that happenned recently is after I installed a new firewire audio interface I had the CPU overheat and begin throttling (I do NOT overclock). Once cooled (and system rebooted) the system continued to run as normal (and never overheated again)...could that isolated event be the culprit?

I've really started noticing since I put my new drive in last week and did a completely fresh install...could something have happened to the other drive while installing the new? I run SP1 and not SP2...could this be a SP1 vs. SATA problem? Could this be a faulty PSU?

Note: When I replace the individually damaged files (.wav, .exe, .jpg, whatever) from offline backups (DVD-R, CDR-R) the file then works fine. It seems that something is damagin the files after they are put on the drive.

Thank you for reading this!
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I will also add that after the install of the new drive XP was forced to do a scandisk to correct drive errors. This happened twice until the third "fresh" install worked without the scan. I'm still wondering if this is MB or PSU related...
Is there anything showing in event viewer?
What BIOS level are you at? The later levels have fixed some SATA communication problems.
I'm using the latest 1023 bios for the p4c800-e...

What should I be looking for in the event viewer?

What P2P files cause this? What manner? Are you saying people also get this problem with corrupted downloads or are you implicating these downloads bring virus/malware stuff with them? Like i said, I have few apps installed on the machine in question (one main app and a handful of plugins)...

I still don't know whether this problem is ongoing or I'm just discovering damge from a previous event (PSU related perhaps? yes/no?)

Thanks again!
I should probably add that I'm fairly tech savvy (IT for several years)...this one has eluded me however...It's extremely difficult to just start replacing components one by one and waiting a couple of weeks and see if the problem dissapears...of course, like many here, I'm not the first (or the last) to have mysterious problems with this motherboard...
Have a look here and see if any of this applies
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