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P4C800 Deluxe Overclocking problem

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I tried overclocking my cpu through BIOS and went with the highest at 30%. I saved BIOS changes and reboot. However, there is no POST msg and my monitor remains in standby. My system was working perfect before, but I got a little anxious about overclocking after a recent discussion. I admit, I don't know much about overclocking and now I am regretting it just like I knew I would..

P4 3.0GHz w/ HT 800FSB
512x2 Infineon DDR
Enermax + 2 extra case fans
Multiple WD IDE & SATA drivers

If I jumper CMOS, will it return the system to original state? Well, I know I will have to modify the settings again for my SATA drives and what not. I just need to get a POST screen. Someone please help!
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Well I just shutdown the system as I left it on after the first couple reboots to see if I would get a POST. I did after the shutdown, and then I get error messages about overclocking. I put the system back to standard and I think I'll learn a little more about overclocking this board before I continue..

Insights are still welcome.. :sayyes:
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Here are a couple of quick links to get you started <lots of links to utilities!
they aren't the be-all and end-all for OCing, but a nice start.
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