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Hey, folks.

Got P4C800-D M/B around the end of May, with P4 3.0 (800) CPU, and a Chieftec Dragon Midi-tower case, with standard PSU (350). Runnin' WindowsXP Proffesional, on first run after completion I had many problems connecting to the internet, computer would just freeze, connection would be so bad on the odd occasion that it connected, and on the very rare occasion that a fair connection was established the connection would break after 5 - 10 minutes. Tried 4 different modems, includin' a USB modem, all resultin' with the same problems, as well as varyin' the slots installed in, and different versions of the drivers.

Later, with the release of the new core drivers from creative I realised that there was some sort of conflict with the sound card and modem, which the latest drivers sorted, and in turn turned my soundcard into a software emulated waste of resources unable to handle anythin' that used EAX. Revertin' back to earlier drivers caused the modem to 'break-down' again so now the soundcard has been removed from my system and onboard audio enabled for the meantime.

Runnin' 3Dmark 2001 SE (Abit GF4 MX460 Video card) I achieved overwhelmin' scores of 5500 - 5800, knowin' full well I should be gettin' around twice that I decided to investigate further and changed the drivers to nvidia 44.03 rather than the latest certified drivers from abit, and again the modem broke-down but to a lesser extent (Trouble establishin' a connection, connection breakin' 5 - 10 minutes later).

Now, after some searchin' through various forums (this one definately the most helpful, cheers!) I'm on to the idea that my PSU is inadequate and wonderin' if that is enough reason for my various installed devices to only 'half' run, to such an extent that my video card is pathetically slow, my sound card doesn't produce the level of audio it's expected, my modem havin' trouble with an internet connection, etc. Also, on various boots I recieve messages about a new CPU being installed (No overclockin' failure) and have even been runnin' at 1.5 gig rather than 3 gig, which again seems to make reference to some folks various PSU related problems and AsusAI underclockin' the system to an acceptable level.

Not bein' a technical wizard I'm not sure if I'm on the right track to finally havin' this system runnin' as intended, so any help anyone can offer is greatly appreciated. Even if I'm way off track, any advice or support on what could be causin' my problems, or even some background knowledge on why this is happenin' would be great.

Thank you.

System includes:

P4C800-D M/B
P4 3.0 (800) CPU
SmartLink 56k Internal Modem
SoundBlaster Audigy
Abit GF4 460
1024 Meg DDR 333 (One Dimm, Gael, and the other a make I've never heard of) single channel.

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SNAP Kind of

Asus P4C800 Deluxe,
P4 3.3GHz (Overclocked from 3GHz),
400W PSU
Asus Geforce 5880FX V9900
1 PS/2 Mouse
1 USB Mouse (Greedy)
14 Fans (Comp acts funny at 68 Degrees)
OS XP, 2003(Virtual), Linux 7.2(Virtual) All at the same time

I dont have a problem with the comp crashing with the internet but my friends comp does (Win98)

cant get 3Dmark 2001 or the latest 1 to work
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