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P.C. Crashes!

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My p.c. is about five years old so i'm noy sure if that's where my problem lies. My computer crashes at least once a day, and i noticed a few weeks ago when it started that when i tried to restart my p.c. (cltr, alt & delete), it said a few programs were not responding. I can only remember one of them, it was MK9805. I'm still very green as fas as computers go, does anybody know what this program does? Would this be the reason for my p.c. crashing? Oh, i forgot to mention as wellm that the last few days my p.c. has been making a louder than normal groaning noise! Any help will be extremely appreciated.
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I also forgot to mention that for quite a while now, my monitor flickers.
hey summers,

the site below explains about the MK9805.exe (under CHotKey.exe):

"Background task and System Tray icon which enables the end-user to program keyboard hotkeys."

Sounds like your hard drive might be going. if you know what type of harddrive you have you can download the diagnostic tools from the manufacturers website.

What is the specs on your system?
-harddrive size

what kinds of things do you use the computer for? maybe its time for a new one!

hope this helps

do you have a fan near the monitor? fans cause interference with monitors
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