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Overheating since moving machine

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I moved from my UNi accomodation to home today and since ive been back my machine has been overheating.

I first realised when i checked bios and the h/w monitor informed me that my CPU was running @ 70degrees (peaking @ 80 today)

I thought it may be the heatsink so reapplied another layer of paste and now it heats up to around 68 degrees but realllly slowly, (ie. 1degree every 20seconds)

however, if i apply pressure to the CPU fan or tilt the case a little the temp comes down at around a degree every 20secs.

this makes me think the problem is the paste, but im sure ive applied it right, i did what i always do :S

anything else that could cause this heating?

CPU: Pentium Core2 Quad Q6600 (2.4ghz)
RAM: DDR2 557 2gb (2*1)

Edit: also my CPU fan is running @ 2000-2200 RPM so should be fine where thats concerned and its a new fan
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a couple of other things to consider.

does the fan within the power supply operate properly? what about the location of the computer, is there good air flow around the computer? finally what about the wires inside the case, are they located so air can flow throughout the casee?
As far as im aware the PSU fan is fine but ill ouble check that, any way i can tell - except for the obvious "is is spinning " :p

The computer seems to have allright airflow, and theres a lot of wires in the way but all the fans (bar HDD fans) are located at the rear of the case where there arent any obstructions...

Ive used a program called "speedfan" dont know if its any good but its reading:

Temp1: 56ish
Temp2: 56ish
CORE0: 68
CORE1: 70
CORE2: 64
CORE3: 60

I assume that TEMP1 and 2 are just mobo sensors? and 56 is around its running average, so the case heat seems allright
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