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outlook pst file recovery from formatted drive

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How can I recover a .pst file which had 40 personal folders with emails in them, the computer has been restored using compaq restore disk, and nothing was backed up.

some say that free ware programs can do this.

others say data is overwritten.

some say get a professonal.

please email an answer to [Emailed removed to prevent spam]

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If you restore your pc using your recovery disks I think you erased all previous files on your system. If this is the case bye bye *.pst .

Hi ahmed, Hi all,

It all depends on where on the hard drive the .pst files were stored. If they were on a portion of the drive that has already been overwritten during the Recovery procedure, then - just as reneboy and others have mentioned - the files cannot be recovered. If the drive had a lot of accumulated data, and the files were stored beyond the section that was overwritten by the Recovery procedure, you might be able to recovery them using specialized recovery software, that can sometimes find files even after a reformat of the drive -- as long as the files haven't been overwritten yet. PC Inspector is one of the better freeware programs, but I'm not certain that it can recover the .pst format files. PC Inspector ---

Best of luck,
. . . Gary
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