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outlook, outlook express, and msn messnger odd behavior

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Okay, so I have come to the end of my patience. Something is amiss on my computer. Here is the situation:

It takes at least 2 or 3 minutes to *START* Outlook, Outlook Express, and MSN Messenger.

Outlook will display, then freeze for 2 minutes before being able to use. Outlook Express won't find its way onto the screen for 2 minutes. Same with MSN messenger as with OE.

A task list shows that the EXE's are running, but they don't really "function" until the waiting period is over.

And with Outlook and Outlook Express, it does *NOT* remember my passwords (to POP3 accounts) even when I delete the account, add it again (with the password) and Send/Receive. Even if I type it in and check the box to "remember in the future", it will forget it, even if I click Send/Receive just SECONDS after re-typing it. That in itself is enormously frustrating.

Here is what I have tried:

- Repairing the installation of MS Office (XP) and Internet Explorer 6 (for OE), and even MSN messenger.

- Uninstalling and re-installing all three.

- Updating my computer to the most recent patches/updates with Windows Update.

Nothing seems to fix it. Can anyone come up with ANY explanation to this odd problem? I can't figure out why it's ONLY *these three* apps that take 2 or 3 minutes to start up. They all used to start up within seconds, and suddenly one day...this.

Thanks for your help...I appreciate it.
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Help...detect and repair....disregard custom settings....

When did the problem start???
I found the problem. I had inadvertantly set the "Protected Storage" service to "Manual", so it was not started automatically.

When the service is running, I experience no problems. When it is stopped, the above described problems ensue.

The "Protected Storage" service was, for some reason, responsible.
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