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The message I get on opening MS Office Outlook is "The connection to MS Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online to complete this action."

I am running a Dell computer with XP pro 5.1.2600 SP2.

Outlook is MS Office 2007 version 12.0 Build 6023.

I have a broadband connection from Orange through a Linksys router. I have McAfee anti-virus software running. The only "add-in" is Act! 10.0.

Outlook is unable to check my mailbox of my MS Exchange account and yet I am always able to log in via Internet Explorer.

It seems as if Outlook is looking for a dial-up connection instead of broadband although I have selected "Connect using my LAN", not "Connect using my phone line". I have also selected Outlook Anywhere "Connect to MS Exchange using HTTP".

Any suggestions, please?
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