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Outlook Express/Hotmail Problem

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Last night I reformatted my hard drive and everything is re-installed.

I now have a problem with Outlook/Hotmail. My two main email address accounts (from my ISP) are working fine, downloading mail as expected. My problem lies with Hotmail. My family has a total of 5 Hotmail accounts that we previously accessed through OE. Two of the accounts are working fine but the other three keep coming up with error messages (usually the "forbidden access" one) and won't even load the folders.

Any ideas?

I have removed and redone the wizard for setting up the Hotmail accounts in OE and am sure they are right. However, there seems to be some confusion on whether the mail server login name on the second tab should be the first part of the email address or the whole thing including the I have read both ways are correct and have tried both.

Thanks for any help you may give!!

Jaimie, a newbie
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hello Mom, welcome to Tech Support Forums !!!
what is the actual error message that you receive and does it have a number associated with it ?
Hotmail is actually web based and they are little finicky about people not going to their website to check their mail. Call it manipulation or whatever...LOL. the username is usually [email protected] because thats what you have to put on the website. Did you try to copy off the account that work ?
please let us know.

hope you enjoy your stay...if you stick around, you're gonna have fun :winkgrin:
I will post the error message as soon as I can copy one. OE will try to connect to these 3 accounts for hours before it gives an error message.

The login name on the one account that works is WITHOUT the part. Since I last posted, the other one that was working has quit! I have no idea what's going on with that.

I have copied and compared the working one with the non working and they all seem the same. :confused:

Here is the error message that I've been getting. I just tried uninstalling OE6 and reinstalled OE5 and I"m still having problems. I know the user name and password were/are correct.


Access Forbidden

Account: Hotmail
User name: [email protected]
Protocol: HTTPMail
Port: 0
Secure(SSL): 0
Code: 800ccc33

Unable to poll for new messages on your HTTP server. Account: 'Hotmail', Server: '', Protocol: HTTPMail, Server Response: 'Access Forbidden', Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC33
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Jaimie , thanks for posting back.
for some reason, hotmails server (Server: is bouncing your request to login. This message usually pops up when you're trying to pass your authentication info through ISA server (internet security & authentication). If ISA server is not configured to pass your info through, you will get an error. Are you trying to use proxy server by any chance ? You can check this in Internet Explorer by going into:
Tools -> internet options-> connections -> LAN settings, look for a box called use proxy server. If there is a checkmark there, take it out.

do you have any kind of firewall installed by any chance ?
Proxy server box is unchecked and I am using Zone Alarm.


I don't know what happened or how I did it but all of a sudden all of the email accounts are working.

Thanks for your help!
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