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I tried looking for a solution on my own but couldn't find one and I have uninstalled office and reinstalled it but the error still exists. I believe it is in conjunction with a few things.

I had a really annoying long time bug with the iCloud control panel causing oogles and oogles of blind icloud photos icons showing up in the "desktop" drop down in explorer. (I am on Win10 Pro fully updated). The blind icons kept multiplying over time and if they were right clicked on there would be no delete option in the list and if left clicked they would open up my personalization background CP. I tried uninstalling iCloud and rebooting but the icons persisted. Both MS & Apple threw up their hands and tried blaming the other and tried to play ping pong with me. I am a help desk tech in the corp sector with 25 years experience and I straight off recognized they didn't know how to fix the issue and were not interested and that it was something that developers needed to investigate but since it has been a problem around for tons of people over multiple years I also recognized that the devs didn't care either.

My solution was to sit and over like 3-4 hours approx. pick out everything to do with icloud and iphotos out of my registry one by one. Once I did that the icons still remained but I was at least finally able to delete them all as they all said "null" because they didn't have anything in the registry to point or connect to.

I use both an iPhone and iPad constantly when I am not home and need my Outlook calendar to sync with both devices so I went and tried to reinstall the iCloud CP. Although the CP installed it will not let me set up the Outlook connection. I get the same old tired error about default profile not being set up. I am the only one that has access and uses this laptop so there is only one outlook profile therefore it is the defacto default. I contacted Apple and they couldn't figure it out either (the tech woman was diligent and stuck with me for like 2-3 hours and we tried everything). So now I cannot reconnect the iCloud CP to Outlook (this is an extremely old error that tons of people have had for years so as a tech I believe 100% it has nothing to do with my registry work.)

On top of that error every time I click on an appointment email message or open the appointment in the calendar I get the error in Outlook: "The form region "Apple.DAV.Appointment" cannot be opened. The form region manifest contains invalid XML. (image attached). I have also tried to search for others that might have gotten this error to see how it was fixed and came up with only one thing. A suspicious site that triggered my Malware Bytes site alarm and it offered software (gee can you imagine those two things happening related to each other) which of course I did not download.

Can anyone please help me fix these issues? I am going bonkers.


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