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Outlook/browser crash after startup

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I am the designated "computer fixer" at the small non-profit I work for. One of my co-workers is having a puzzling problem and I was hoping someone could give me something to try to fix it. Part of the problem, though, is that I don't know if she's describing the symptoms 100% accurately. :4-dontkno Here goes, though!

When she comes in in the morning and starts up her computer (XP Pro SP2), and then opens Outlook (2003), it crashes. Also, apparently, her browsers crash? But no other applications. Then, she restarts the computer and all is well for the rest of the day. It's only on that initial startup that there are problems.

For a couple of days, she was getting a blue screen/memory dump that would occur as the Outlook send & receive initiated. I deactivated her AVG email scanning and that has apparently ended the blue screen issue.

But it is still doing a thing where upon first running Outlook after cold startup, it crashes.

I told her to try not shutting her computer off! And so far, so good. But that's not a solution...

Should I run a repair off of the Windows disk? Any suggestions?

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Maybe you could try a different (read: better) program for managing email? Thunderbird would be my suggestion. If the problem still occurs you could then try a repair install.
yeah, well..switching email clients isn't gonna happen. :neutral: Anyways, all the other pc's are fine, its just this one machine that has the problem.

I did a repair on the office installation, also checked the disk for errors when the blue screen problem was happening, and nothing changed. The computer has all the windows and office updates. The user says nothing has been changed, installed, or removed. It just started happening.
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