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Outlook 97

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We use Outlook 97 to check our e-mail. I have encountered some problems and need some insight.
*I continue to get an IVPF when trying to check e-mail on one particular machine (Windows 98SE plenty of RAM and processor speed), the page fault is in Mapisp32 in the Minet32.dll file. I have done what MS said to do, rename minet32,use the disk and copy it again. Now it locks up.
When I had trouble in the past I put the workers on Outlook Express which doesn't seem to cause as many problems, but now the ADMIN Team wants to use the calendar to share their schedules. This is not available in Express, or at least I haven't found it.
One more thing we have Office XP, but not able to install it until our database is converted and tested in it. (We are grouped with 10 other agencies to share a Homeless Database.) So I can't do my own thing yet.

*Question #2 How the heck do I set up Outlook/outlook Express on a Windows 2000 machine and share the data. I set the account up for a user, but I was logged on as ADMINISTRATOR!!
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Your right ...there is not free they dont want to give it all for nothing

Uninstall OE 97....from the setup CD...then run scan disk and defrag (stay with me when I heard this I was like yeah that ill fix it...but lo and behold)then reboot and might be suprised of the outcome...

And are you running Exchange....youll really like Outlook XP...wheyou have to resolve the attachemt and program accessing outlook, youll understand more after you install it...check out

good luck
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