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Outlook 2010 - Random appointments made

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Hi all,

I ahve a customer running a Citrix enviroment and is having problems with appointments in outlook,

Originaly everything was fine,

A meeting every Monday was set up and he accpeted, (2-3 pm)

This was made and looked good as a reocuring appointment,

Then oneday the user logged in and there were over 12 appointments made for every Monday,

All the same appointment as the original only not reocuring so they cant be deleted all in 1 go, they have to be deleted 1 by 1 and its set to run till doomsday,

it would be a never ending task to delete them all,

Does anyone have any idea what happned or better still any ideas on how to get rid of them all in 1 go rather than deleting them 1 by 1,

1 of the 12 every monday is the original re occuring apointment and can be treeted as normal, e.g. can be deleted and it will remove from all mondays, unlike there unwated friends that have arrived without warning or reason,

can anyone help me?

If you need more info, please let me know,


P.S. please excuse the fast typing and bad spelling.:smile:
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