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I have a single user that is having this issue with Outlook 2007. This user received emails that are sent to a group of people using the To: field. Other users are able to see everyone the message is sent to while this user can only see themselves and no one else. I've checked with the others the email was sent to and they are able to see everyone.

The environment is this:

Windows 7 Ultimate (All updated applied)
Office 2007 (All updates applied)
Exchange Server 2003 (All patchs applied)
Symantec EndPoint Protection (Up to date)

I've verified that there are no malware, spyware or viruses in the system. System has just been reimaged. We use the same image on multiple systems, we change the product key to match what is on the system. No one else is having this issue.

Any help is appreciated.
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