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Outlook 2003 synchronise withOutlook 2007

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Hi All,

I just bought myself a new laptop, a sony (Vista Business), and it came with Office 2007. I would be keen to transfer all my contacts, folders, and mails from the Outlook account on my old laptop (Office 2003, XP Home Edition) to the new one.

Originally I attempted to use the the export-import function in Outlook and created some .pst files and hoped to import these but unfortunately I got none of my contacts and nothing happened. Although these backup files were around 8500 kb big.
I would be more than glad for support, I have tried to find a solution on the net including the Microsoft support site but found myself unsuccessful.




I am not quite the brain when it comes to computers so I would need some thorough explaining
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Pretty straight forward actually. Locate the outlook.pst file, this should contain the contents of outlook on your old computer. Copy that to a location on the new laptop and then import the contents of that in to your 2007 version of outlook.

To locate the outlook.pst, use the search utility off the start menu and I usually use the string *.pst to search for and it finds it.
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