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I am in a frustrated situation here. My OS is xpsp2 and my A/V is Kaspersky and along with that I have been using Prevxx 2 for some years and no bugs.

My Outlook 2003 which has Microsoft word as the editor is causing me issues.
All of a sudden all of my Html received mail is being converted to plain text and I can't open Links.
I have gone into Outlook > tools > options > preferences > e-mail options > message handling and reset 'Read all standard mail in plain text'. That is I turned it on as by Default it is off. For gmail that has worked and for some converted Html they now open as well.
The others won't and end least most of them in my Junk Mail?

I even did a 'Wizard' MS Fixit 50191 and no change.
Anyone have suggestions. This is so frustrating.
Thank you for your time.
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