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Outlook 2000

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:confused: Can anyone tell me how to save my contacts in Outlook 2000? I do not want to export it but want to save it as a file I can reinsert if I uninstall and reinstall the program.

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Hey SuperGama. Welcome.

Go to file and create a new folder. Change the type of folder to Contacts. Pick a location for the folder. Then select all your contacts and right click and dra them to the new folder and select copy. This will copy all your contacts to the new folder.

However, this is still in the Outlook program. So, if you're going to wipe it and reinstall, I am not confident about the ability for the information to be retained.

Why not export the info to a file which you could import later?
Hi Pseudocyber,
Thanks for responding. I have in the past exported contacts to an excel file. When I imported it in all the information did not import and I spent many hours practicing my copy/paste technique to get it back in order. Is there a better program to export to for importing later?

Yes. Export it as a .pst file. This is outlook's native file format and it will keep everything. Give it a try.
I will try .pst file type but it wants to save in an Outlook folder. How can I save it in another location so I can reinstall Outlook if I need to?

Also one more question:

When I type a new email and click send it goes to the outbox and stays there until I click send/receive. Someone told me to fix that by going to TOOLS, OPTIONS,MAIL SERVICES and there to set the sent immediately or how often to check messages. However, when I follow that procedure I do not get those options on that window. If I follow TOOLS, OPTIONS,MAIL SERVICES I get the following options:
Startup Settings
Mail Options: Check for new mail on Internet E-mail - My Server is named.

Thanks for you time
Previously I exported the contacts to an excel file but when I imported it into a new install of the program only about half of the info importered properly. The rest I had to copy and paste by hand and for approx. 200 people in the file that took some time. I am trying to do it better this time. Do you know of a exported format which will actually import fully?
In my experience, the .pst file.
I have heard .pst works well but how do I save a .pst file to a position where I can burn the info onto a cd for safe keeping?
MS used to have a backup for Outlook 2000, I think. I remember using it a few times. You could backup to a folder outside of "Office"
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