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Howdy all,

I'm a technician for a school system. One of the guidance counselers uses Email Tracking (Read Receipts) and Message rules to organize her email. It was working fine 'last year' as she states. Over the summer, we implemented a new email server. As a result, a 'Groupware' program was installed as was changes made to her email account settings, but nothing at all was done to Office as a whole.

This year, however, her read receipts are not working at all. All the check boxes that need to be checked are checked. But when an email is sent, the person she sends it to does not get a request to send a receipt and she does not get a receipt at all.

I just got an email from her stating that her Message Rules are not working either.

I have attempted a repair installation of Microsoft Office and have checked and triple checked all the settings in the Email Tracking. Nothing seems to be working.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciate. If you need any more info, please ask for it.


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