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Hi Folks,

I'm having a painful issue with Outlook. We have 2 Programs which send out emails automatically.

One is MYOB AccountRight Premier v19. It sends out payslips via email to our employees.

The other is an Electronic Alarm Monitoring package (CAMS) which can automatically email out Reports of clients Alarm System activities.

Now both when trying to send an email get this message...

From there you have to wait the period of time, and then click allow. Now that's fine in MYOB, as the Administration Staff are in front of it, and can manually click it, however the CAMS does this unattended depending on a desired schedule...

Is there anyway way I can disable this security feature?

I have googled this, but nothing helpful has come up. Not even on the Microsoft site.

Our operating system is Windows Server 2008 (Terminal Server).

Any help or suggestion would be great
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