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Outllok Express 6

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Outlook Express 6

Hi i was wondering if anyone could help me a colleague of mine accidentally archived all his emails. He is using outlook express 6 and i've found the files marked archive.dbx, but when it comes to importing them I just get an error message.

I've tried this....
File, Import, Messages, Microsoft Express 6, Next, Import mail from an OE6 Identity and main identity, ok. At the next page I've made sure that its looking in the right folder and select next.

Error: Import from OE5
The specified message store could not be opened. It may be in use by outlook express


Error: Import Messages No messages can be found in this folder or another application is running that the required files open. Please select another folder or tryclosing applications that may have files open.

I've tried closing everything and ideas???:wave:
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Hi honeyholz

See if the tips in the section "Restore An Archive.dbx" in the following thread helps - for multiple restores, there's an additional trick using the creation of a New Identitiy to help out ---

It looks fancy, but it's fairly straightforward.
. . . Gary
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