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outgoing email problem in Outlook 2003...

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I am not able to send out email with one of my email addresses. When I compose an email and send it, it goes to my outbox and Outlook tries to send it, but it just stays in my outbox and it ultimately times out. I don't have this trouble with any of my other email accounts, including others that use the same isp and server. This just started a few days ago. And here is a strange thing -- when I go into the email settings for this email address, I am able to send a test email when I click on "Test Account Settings".
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Is it one specific e-mail address that you can't send to, or is it all that are being sent from this account?
One particular address.
Does the message have a large attachment by chance? It's also possible that the recipient is having issues on their end. I'd be curious if you tried sending the message from one of the other accounts to that recipient if it would work.
No attachments.

And if the recipient were having issues on their end, I think that the email would still be sent, but would come back telling me that it couldn't be delivered.

BUT...all this is a moot point since I just discovered that the problem is no longer a problem and I am now able to send outgoing emails using the email address that I was having problems with. Hmmmm -- mildly mysterious...

Thank you, djaburg, for your time. I appreciate it.

Well...I thought it had been fixed, but, then it started being a problem again. THEN I took somone's advice to disable my new firewall (Sunbelt Personal Firewall) and everything is working fine.
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